Madewell Fictional Store Opening

Art Direction, Illustration

Madewell Fictional Store Opening

Madewell Fictional Store Opening Invitation

Design Test Objective: Design a digital invitation announcing the opening of a new (fictional) store in Carroll Gardens.

When I think of Madewell, I think of denim. Whether it’s creating a maternity line for women who don’t want to choose between style and function, to repurposing donated denim for insulating rehabbed homes—Madewell LOVES DENIM. While brainstorming ideas I knew I wanted tell a story behind the invitation of familiarizing yourself to Madewell’s new Brooklyn neighborhood and the idea of reaching for your go-to favorite denim jacket.

I kept in mind Madewell’s modern vintage aesthetic and designed nostalgic 90’s inspired iron-on patches to personalize the denim jacket as a way to highlight the event’s itinerary in a quirky way.

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