CAKE: Service & UX Design

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Illustration, Print

CAKE: Service & UX Design

CAKE: Service & UX Design

I partnered with CAKE to create business cards and propaganda promotional posters and apply them to CAKE’s social media formats for its upcoming relaunch. CAKE is a Service & UX Design brand that uses technology to solve inefficiencies in business and create tools to help people work and communicate better.


The process of experimentation begins with new ideas— We learn more, refine, and re-engineer. This Idea inspired the art direction for the simplified interstellar galaxy theme influenced by Panam destination posters and the historical event Sputnik.

The historical Sputnik event dove into the deep end of curiosity that tested out multiple solutions through various trial and errors. These posters are a visual interpretation of how CAKE embodies the same qualities as a brand.

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