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Founded in 1927, Altec Lansing was the first to deliver the soundtrack to 450,000 Woodstock attendees and became known as the first established audio brand. From headphones to waterproof/shockproof Bluetooth speakers Altec bridges the gap for music fans and adventure seekers alike.

As a Social Media Assistant, my role included applying their existing brand identity to create seamless content, expand their gender demographics, create a campaign strategy for the Nick Jonas collaboration, and apply analytics to increase follower engagement and conversions.

the challenge

Altec Lansing’s gender demographics is predominately 70% male to 30% female consumers. With new speakers and headphones colors in production and a collaboration line with music artist Nick Jonas in the spring, the goal for the 2017 quarter was to create an increase of female followers.

social media strategy

The key for the upcoming release of the NJ line was to re-introduce Altec as a brand who connects with it’s audience on a relatable level. To kick off the transiton, I adjusted Altec’s social media presence by first altering the voice from commercial to pop culture relatable, and more importantly curate posts that portray the products in a coherent lifestyle point of view.

Altec Lansing x Nick Jonas Campaign

Altec reached out to famous musician Nick Jonas to collaborate and design an exclusive NJ x Altec Lansing headphone and speaker line. NJ (former Jonas Brothers band member) has a successful fan base of predominately female listeners and was the perfect artist to collaborate to set the tone for Altec’s social media approach of sleek, simple, and easy to integrate into people’s lifestyles.

mini documentary video series promotion for NJ X Altec lansing product release

To celebrate and promote the launch of the products, I collaborated with my team to come up with the original video campaign concept “Sounds” that tells the stories of artists who create with the new #JustListen2NickJonas collaboration by Altec Lansing & Nick Jonas.

View Video Releseases ☟

First Video Release: Matt Relevo #JustListen2NickJonas
Second Video Release: Erin Stark #JustListen2NickJonas

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